-- How Our Money Mindset Drives Results - Pre-workshop questions


This Mindset Assessment will provide a snapshot of your current thinking in regards to work, money or both. It will give both of us an idea of why you are seeking coaching and help to define the results you are looking for.

My philosophy is that a coaching relationship has to work for both of us in order to be successful. I work best with individuals who come to the table ready and willing. Why? Because I am.

My job is to ask probing questions and to create a safe and trusting space for you to reflect on the thinking processes driving the results in your life. Our work together is to shift your mindset in order to seize opportunities you might otherwise miss.

This requires courage, determination and work. If you're up for it, so am I.

Please take the time to fill out all the questions below. I will follow up with a call to discuss your results and to connect personally. Under no circumstance will the information you provide be sold to a third party of be used for any other purpose than to support your journey in the Money Work Community.

Thank you and feel free to contact me at 202.409-7441 or by email at cindy@morganjaffe.com.

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

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